Casa Obsidiana - Jalisco México

Tequila Forged From the
Elements, Created With


Our Tequilas
Forged from the earth's elements, Casa Obsidiana is the world's most beautiful tequila. Crafted at the base of el Volcán de Tequila, it honors the true culture of Mexico and connects us through the rare power of the volcano's ancient stone, the obsidian.


Our Blanco vessel is inspired by the agave piña, the core of the agave plant that is then roasted and fermented to become tequila.
  • Barreling
    Finished in Napa Valley Chardonnay barrels from French & American oak for 16 days.
  • Aroma & Palate
    Aromas of papaya, white flowers, vanilla, and allspice, with black pepper and vegetal notes on the palate with a lush mouthfeel.
  • Origins
    20.7875 - 103.846667


With a color reminiscent of our Blue Weber agave plants, our Reposado vessel is inspired by water’s fluid movement and ability to gently shape over time.
  • Barreling
    Aged for four months in French oak Napa Valley Chardonnay barrels.
  • Aroma & Palate
    Aromas of hazelnut, toffee, charred peppers, and stewed citrus, with winter spice, butterscotch, earthy agave, and vanilla on the palate.
  • Origins
    20.7875 - 103.846667


An ode to Mexican cubism, our Añejo vessel's rich red color represents the iron-rich volcanic earth of our estate agave fields.
  • Barreling
    Double barrel finished for 13 months in heavy char American oak Bourbon barrels, then four months in French oak wine barrels used for Napa Valley Chardonnay.
  • Aroma & Palate
    Aromas of oak, vanilla, coffee, and clove with a full-bodied palate of caramel, cinnamon, raisin, and roasted agave.
  • Origins
    20.7875 - 103.846667

The Power of Obsidian

Obsidian, found in abundance in the volcanic earth of our estate agave fields, represents the ancient ritual of cleansing oneself of negative energy. It is dark in color in order to create light within us, revealing the desire to create positive connections and to appreciate all things beautiful. Each bottle of Casa Obsidiana houses a pure obsidian relic, a perfect circle in divine proportion representing wholeness, continuity, and the infinite nature of being.

Dos Familias, Una Pasión

Casa Obsidiana represents the shared vision of two families, the Beckmanns and the Boissets, called to bring their mastery and artistry in the crafts of tequila and terroir.

Casa Obsidiana
is Crafted With 300 Years Of


A Gateway to Another World

In our beloved Mexico, there exists an undeniable soulful vibrancy, a richness and depth of all senses with an axis that centers on the creation and appreciation of beauty, the meaning of symbology, and the importance of ritual. It is unlike any other place in the world. Crafted with 300 years of expertise from a trio of masters, a Master Tequilero, a Master Winemaker, and master contemporary Mexican artist, Casa Obsidiana embodies the allure of contemporary Mexico.